Sunday, 23 December 2012

Merry Christmas to you and yours

I'm all done (almost!) with Christmas orders......YAY!

It's been a very hectic, bustling, busy December which has flown by in a haze of Christmas markets, craft fairs and papercut orders.  I also celebrated my very first Blog-iversary....way back in November without realising!! I'm going to do a wee giveaway to celebrate, but instead of trying to squeeze it in before Christmas I'll do it in January, along with the loooong overdue Facebook giveaway!

Now I'm off to wrap the pressies and eat mince pies, sweeties and cake until I feel sick!!

Thursday, 22 November 2012!!

What a busy few days I have ahead of me! Not complaining........just sayin'!

Tonight I'm off to Aberdeen to the lovely Claremont Gallery for the launch of their Artisan Winter Exhibition which features some of my work. 

VERY excited about this, I was a student in Aberdeen so it's full of very fond, somewhat hazy memories! The exhibition opens on Friday, 23rd November and runs until the 19th January so if you're visiting any relatives in the North East over the festive season, pop along and have a look!

Friday I'm going to be framing, collecting, packing up and organising for Saturday when I'm taking part in Creative Heartland in The Albert Halls, Stirling.

This is a brand new event with art, craft, live music, storytelling, design and debate. EXCITED......again!  There is going to be some fabulous work on display and I think it'll have a fantastic, buzzy atmosphere!!  I'll have a selection of work for sale and be giving papercutting demonstrations. So if you're in Stirling and are in need of some inspiration for Christmas presents come along and see us!

And as if ALL that wasn't enough, I'm off to the Country Living Christmas Exhibition at the SECC in Glasgow on Sunday! Can't wait to see all the lovely stuff and start getting in to the Christmas spirit!

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

The end of another sailing season

What a hectic weekend......I'm glad it's Monday again!! We spent Sunday in Tarbert, Loch Fyne, Argyll giving our boat a bit of TLC before winter sets in.  I didn't take a single picture, which is shocking, because it was such a beautiful day! I do have some from a few weeks ago.....which is when I started writing this post.....before life got in the way!!

Tarbert is one of my favouritest places in Scotland....if not the universe.  In fact the whole area from Oban south, all the way to Campbelltown is one of the best kept secrets in Scotland, and if you ever get the chance to visit the area you should!  It's a bit off the usual tourist trail, as it's a bit "out on a limb".  You won't find many "Boutique" hotels, or Costa coffee shops......even Tescos are few and far between.  What you will find is the most stunning, clear, bright light, huge skies and beautiful deserted beaches........and maybe a tiny bit of rain......just occasionally!!  On the west side of Kintyre there's (mostly) nothing between you and America and it's an amazing sight watching the big waves rolling in after a fact we've visited a few times in the depths of winter just for that reason!

We have a little sailing yacht that lives, very happily, in Tarbert harbour and Saturday 20th November was lifting out day!

Eeeeek! Not looking quite so at home in the air!

The boys had a ball! What's not to like, boats, a HUGE crane, lots of bustle and excitement! Maybe it was just a little, weenie, tiny bit stressful for John......he always looks soooo relieved when she's on the ground and all propped up!

I am as well, but it's also a bit sad because it's the end of another sailing year and it means that winter's not far away....and in the back of my mind I remember the frozen fingers that come with cleaning, polishing and antifouling a boat in March and April! 

Monday, 5 November 2012

At last I've got them ALL printed!

Wow, it's taken me three attempts to get this post written and finally press the publish button!

I feel like I've been running on sand for the past couple of weeks and now I've finally got my Christmas designs done it's a bit like the calm before the storm!

It's been a bit of an epic exercise getting the cards screen printed.....mainly due to my impatience and rushing, which inevitably means I make a mistake and have to redo things......sometimes MORE than twice!

Now they're done I'm REALLY pleased with how they look! As always they're available in my Folksy shop and my Etsy shop.  

Monday, 15 October 2012

I know it's only October, but...........

Do you ever have one of those days when everything almost goes brilliantly?! Well I had one of those days today!
Anyway........on the plus side I know it's only October, and I'm normally one of those ranting about getting Halloween and Bonfire night over first, but in the interests of being slightly organised!............I did get a whole load of Christmas cards screen printed today...... note my very high tech and heavily customised drying rack.........or the piano!!

I'll post some proper photos when I get ALL the designs printed. (and yes, this is part of the almost brilliant day story!)

And in other news I've reached 300 liker-ers on my Facebook page so to celebrate and say thank you I'm going to have my very first GIVEAWAY!!! Stay tuned for further details....soon.....I promise!!

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

I'm a film star!!

Only 90 days until Christmas....apparently....I've not actually counted!

I do have Christmas card designs and a few other goodies, and they will be available....soon.  Just need to get cutting and screen printing!!

During Perthshire Open Studios I had a visit from the brilliant Genie and Phil from Ivy Cottage Industries.  They filmed me paper cutting and blethering about my designs and have made this lovely little film! My boys are sooo impressed that mummy was on the "pooter"!!

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

A big, huge, mahoosive THANK YOU to all of you lovely people who popped into see me during Perthshire Open Studios, without you it would have been........well..... just me sitting in my studio!  It was great to meet you all and have a blether.

I am now going to have a REALLY hot bath......with a bottle of wine!

Friday, 7 September 2012

Fab Friday!

I can't believe that it's the last weekend of Open Studios already, the week seems to have flown by.

As this was the first year I've taken part I really didn't know what to expect.  How many people were going to turn up and was anyone was going to buy anything?

Grow old, original paper to a new home.
My home, original paper to a new home.

Birdie, original paper to a new home!
My greatest expectations have been far surpassed on ALL counts!  I've had a steady stream of visitors every day, all of them have been lovely (I'd love any of them to pop in and see me......anytime!) I've had quite a few commissions and I'm delighted with what I've sold! 


Monday, 3 September 2012

Open Studios has arrived!

I've had an absolutely fantastic opening weekend to Perthshire Open Studios! It's surpassed all my expectations. I've had lots of really lovely visitors, had some interesting chats, sold some work and just generally had a fab time!  The past few weeks have been really busy, filled with lots of hard work and late nights but NOW it feels really worthwhile!  
Everyone has been really interested in how I design and then actually cut out my paper cuts and it's been fun discussing my work and where I get inspiration from.
The Open Studio event runs until the 9th September and I'm open 10-5 every day and 10-7 on Saturday, so do pop in and visit me, venue 70, green route!

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Don't panic....yet!

Eeeeeekkkkkkk, three days.......well........almost two days to go!

That is all!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Tuesdays' sneaky peek!

We were away this weekend for a well earned break on our boat, which we keep in Tarbert, Loch Fyne. The weather was good. Dry and pretty sunny all weekend........but it was a bit windy! Well, too windy to think about sailing with two wobbly small people! We just "caravan-ed it", didn't go sailing, hung out, rowed round the bay in the dingy, ate ice creams and sweeties and walked!
It's recharged my batteries after the battle to get my studio emptied and decorated and I'm raring to go!

I thought I'd show you what I'm working on at the moment and how I go about making a papercut.......

Grow old with me papercut, initial design sketch.
This is the initial design sketch for "Grow old with me", complete with a few "re-thinks"!  I draw each leaf in outline only, not showing the detail that I'll cut out, and don't show the thickness of each branch.....mainly out of laziness!   
Grow old with me, 1/3 cut out, right side.

Here it is about 1/3 cut out, with a few more scribbles and "re-thinks"! I tend to keep revising the design right up until it's cut out, changing the position of leaves and where they connect, adding more hearts or birds......

Grow old with me, 1/3 cut out, wrong side.
This is the back of the cut.  It's much easier to see how it'll look without all my scrawls! I use white paper and draw the paper cut as it'll be seen, the right way round. Then after I've cut the whole picture out I spray paint it. Some other papercutting artists use coloured paper and draw the cut on the reverse of the paper, back to front.  
New paint delivery!
This is the range of colours that I'll use to paint the paper cuts on show for Perthshire Open Studios (note the chubby 11 month old hands desperately trying to pull the cans out of the box!)

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Costa del.......Pittenweem!

I had a brilliant day with some friends on Friday at the Pittenween Arts Festival. It was a glorious, sunny day and the whole of the East Neuk looked gorgeous.  It's the first year that I've been to the Arts Festival and I'll definately be back! I've put together a board on Pinterest of my bestest favourites!!

We saw some fantastic work and in no particular order of fabulousness, loved the work by Anita Hutchison, Susie Lacome, Hilke MacIntyre, Susan McGill, Dot Sim, Weft Textile Studio and Workshop (actually a shop on the quay side SO, SO, SO, worth a visit anytime!), Frances Wilson (couldn't find a website for her, but this is a link to a profile of her AND it's got photos of her stunningly beautiful, gorgeous, fabulously lovely porcelain.  I can't tell you how much I'd love to own some of this.......but I fear it would not mix well with two small boys.  Well MY boys anyway!!) Alison Midson at The Backgate Gallery (sadly no photos of her linocuts, they are lovely!)  Heather Cunningham. I think I've exhaused my vocabulary of "lovely" adjectives!

My preparations for Perthshire Open Studios are now well underway.  Just as well because it's only 3 and a bit weeks until it starts! I'm excited, nervous and terrified all in equal measure! I've almost finished painting the studio and I can't believe how much better it looks.  It's been on the "to do" list for at least 3 years but other "more essential" things kept overtaking it.  I'll post some before and after photies when it's all done.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Paint-y, paint-y, sand-y, sand-y!

I've managed to get the studio emptied (mostly!) and the ceiling has had a coat of paint. Now I'm doing the boring bit.....sanding all the skirtings, door frames, the door and around the window.  It'll all get done eventually but it's sooooo dull!

On a slightly more exciting note I also managed to get these two paper cuts finished, framed up and off to their new homes.

This day I will marry my best friend
Doris & John
6th August 2011
One day like this, a variation on the happily ever after cut.
Sorry for the slightly duff quality of the photos.....but it was late!

Right......back to the sanding. My consolation is that I'll soon be putting everything back in the studio.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Busy, biz, biz!

I've had a busy few weeks with a very, very full order book, which is fantastic; but as Open Studios looms closer I've decided that I'm going to close my order book at the end of July until the begining of September.  This should give me time to complete all my orders, sort out my studio and concentrate on cutting some new designs. 
........Sorting out my studio is shorthand for remove everything, give it a long overdue paint and organise it!
........Studio is shorthand for the room where I take up one corner and the rest contains a piano, various chairs, toys and other detritus!

Here's a photie of my wee corner......eeerrrr nice and tidy!

Here's a sneeky peek of a paper cut inspired by a quote from Christopher Columbus, this is the initial drawing of the design.  The next stage in the process is to have a trial cut out to see how it all works and tweek the design a bit if necessary!

Monday, 9 July 2012

To bee or not to bee!

If you're a likerer of my Facebook page you'll know about the saga of my bees swarming! Well there was a not soo happy outcome for the old queen and her devoted entourage....involving a hoover! Unfortunately I just couldn't get the queen out of the coomb space in our attic and soo after 4 days, numerous attempt at removing them, countless stings and sweary words, I had resort to the hoover and get them out.  I feel really awful about it; they all toil away selflessly producing honey.....most of which I steal from them and I repay them by splatting them in the hoover!  So I now have any extra hive which is empty!  I may get some more bees from a friend of mine so fingercrossed for a slightly happier outcome!

You'll notice, as if my magic, a gallery tab has appeared at the top of the page! It takes you to my Flickr page where I keep photies of ALL my paper cuts, I've got a whole set of Happily Ever After cuts! I've really enjoyed looking at them as a set and seeing all their differences!

In between mass murdering bees, doing the run of the mill housewifey things and a huge number (well...sort of!) of Happily Ever After cuts, I've been working on some sketches for a series of paper cuts for Perthshire Open Studios.  Photos will follow......maybe!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Hello....I'm still here...I think!

Errrrrrr, well I'm not sure what's happened to May or most of seems to have flown past in a blur of birthdays, gardening and paper cutting with a few sunny days thrown in for good measure!

Fear not though, I've been busy cutting away, making happily ever after cuts and they've been winging their way to new homes far and wide, from London to Florida! I think that I'll do a photo montage of all the cuts I've done, just so I don't bore you with a huge list of photos!

This week's highlight will be J's 3rd birthday on Sunday.  It's going to be a weekend full of cake, ice cream and fizzy juice, with both sets of grandparents visiting on different days! I haven't got a clue where the last three years have gone, it just seems like yesterday we brought a tiny bundle home, I'm sure I'll still be saying that when he's 30!

I thought I'd share this new design that I've FINALLY found some time to make! It's been bobbling around in my head for months and been doodled in my sketch book for almost as is Deep in a wood, carved on a tree - a customised wedding congratulations card and it's available from Folksy and Etsy.

I am taking part in Perthshire Open Studios this year, which takes place in September and as this blog will be listed in the brochure I'm going to try double hard to post a bit more regularly! I attended a marketing workshop organised by the committee and run by Cultural Enterprise Scotland and met lots of fellow artists, it was really great to put faces and voices to people I'm in touch with on Facebook or who I know by reputation! I'm really excited about taking part in Open Studios and I've been sketching away with some new designs and I'm hoping to try my hand at making some screen prints of them!

Instead of leaving you with an Etsy treasury I've put together a Folksy finds board on Pinterest around the theme of British summer, tell me what you think.......enjoy!

Sunday, 29 April 2012

A turquoise happily ever after!

What a day Wednesday was! We were in Oban all day and had a fabulous day, it wasn't exactly great weather (a bit grey and windy) but it was a much needed break from the usual grind!  When we got home I switched on the laptop and.......WOW!

Firstly my happily ever after paper cut had been included in this beautiful Etsy treasury.
Secondly I entered it into the fantastic Crafty Loves giving inspiration game and got some fantastic comments from people and only bloomin' got included in the Folksy handmade wedding list!!!! I've been floating about 6 inches off the ground since!

And since it's Sunday, we have an Etsy treasury! I give you Turquoise #1................I bloody love turquoise I do.....and if that's not a good enough reason.....I don't know what is!

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Business cards and branding *yawn* until......

I've recently been thinking about business cards and how to make them stand out and be remembered and by default for people to remember me!  And late last night in bed Billy Connolly popped into my head. I can't remember which DVD I saw this on....and I can't find it on YouTube (without watching hours of clips......not a bad way to pass my time though!) but I have found this which (as far as I remember) ia a transcript of the business card he'd been handed by someone!

Apparently this style of card was big in the 30's or 50's or 80's, depending which website you look at, still fricking hilarious though!

Monday, 23 April 2012

Paper cutting and Treasury Sunday

Well.......hello! I kind of disappeared for a wee while...again, and after all my good intentions!  I have not been sitting twiddling my thumbs (I wish!), I've been busy cutting away making this paper cut for a wedding present.

I'm really pleased with how this turned out.....hopefully they will be too!

And as it's Sunday, here's the Etsy Treasury. I've cheated a bit with this, *whispers* I put it together last week but never got round to doing a post about it, just don't tell anyone! 

Friday, 13 April 2012

and's the end of the week!

Just a wee quickie (oohh err Mrs!) this evening, a bit of a rounding up of the week! 

I've been very busy with my trusty scalpel over the last few days...and this is what I've been making.

Sorry about the slightly rubbish picture but I was soo excited about finally getting this finished that I just wanted to share it! A wee tidy up and then into a frame......this evening.....maybe!

I've also been working on another paper cut, which is a wedding present from me (the royal us!) but no photos yet.....I don't want to jinx it! It took me ages to come up with a design that I was happy with and now is the really nerve wracking bit of cutting it out....without mishap!

We spent a couple of impromptu days with my Maw and Paw, which was really nice.  The boys LOVE spending time with their Grandparents, especially since they have a farm, with tractors and other big noisy machines and of course Granny and Grandad dote on the pair of them! My plan for the week kind of disappeared around Wednesday somewhere, never to return! But that's life isn't it?!

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Much excitement...for me!

I've had a super exciting day today, *squeals* my very first ever (as in ever, ever, ever!) order has been delivered to a new shop/gallery Urquhart Glass, here in the village! Eeek!  Here is a link to the lovely Mairi's (of the Urquhart name) website, showing some of her beautiful glass, well worth a look!  The shop's looking lovely and has a wealth of work by various local artists.  Anyone heading through (or to) Comrie over Easter should definitely make the effort to stop and have a look!

And here's a photie of the exclusive designs I produced for her!  I have another two or three designs (in my head....not even as far as the sketch book yet!) to work on.  It's all very exciting, did I mention that!

Exclusive designs produced for Urquhart Glass

Now I'm off to spend the rest of the evening with these......

Paper rose gift tags
also for Urquhart Glass (but may also put them into my Etsy shop)....and not a scalpel in sight! I AM using a glue gun though; hot, burnie, burnie glue as I can confirm!

Oh and a bit of random trivia for you......did you know Mother's Day in America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand is on the 13th May?! I didn't until I sold another Mother's Day card to California! Well not TO California, to a lovely lady (with impeccable taste!) IN California!

Monday, 2 April 2012

Hot sunshiny sunny sun and Treasury Sunday!

I'm still here *stands on tippie toes and waves* . I've sort of dropped of the radar this week, due to the fantastic weather we've been having here. 22oC on Tuesday and it's only flippin' March!

Me and the boys (or the boys and I, for you grammar hounds!) have spent almost all of every day in the garden, savouring every drop of sunshine.  Our vitamin D levels must have gone through the roof!  This has lead to a hugely tidy garden...........unfortunately this has also lead to the house becoming a bit of a tip! Ah well, it'll get done......when it starts raining!

So.....last Sundays Etsy Treasury (the one which didn't quite happen due to Etsys fickle nature!) has now been curated! I give you Spring is bursting out all over the place! inspired by the stunning weather and a week in the garden!

Floral typography art print by CisforColour on

My other huge excitement this week is buying a new craft knife........I know....what a geek! Anyway I've been doing a bit of sketching this week, a few ideas  for some new cards. I'll post some pictures once I've made the prototypes....with my new knife, did I tell you it's an X-Acto craft swivel knife!  Ok....I'll stop now! 

Sunday, 25 March 2012

A sunny, gardening filled untreasury Sunday resolution to try and post here a couple of times a week hasn't even lasted a week! I'm going to blame the nasty sickness bug that struck us all midweek, are you all convinced?....good!  (Not sure I am!)  Anyway there's always next week!

We remembered the change in time last night....must be the first time in years! So summertime is officially here and what a beautiful, stunning, gorgeous, hot, sunny, springy day to start it off! We spent all day in the garden, digging, weeding and generally preparing for planting season to commence. 

I was itching to get a few seeds into the ground today and I had to keep reminding myself that it's still only March, far too early to be planting things.  It's not unusual for us to get frost in early May so it's best not to get too carried away with the mild weather! 

Blossom on our Cherry tree
There is no Etsy treasury this Sunday, I began to put a gardening themed one together and then Etsy started playing up.  So I read the signs and decided that I would write this, get the kids in bed and then..................a long hot, hot bath.....a glass of red wine and then........early to bed!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Treasury Sunday

Sunday again!! How did that happen?!
This week seems to have flown by in a flurry of Mother's Day card making. I've sold twice the number I thought I would, including one to Australia (check me out, Crafty Lou International!) so I'm a very happy bunny!

No rest for the wicked though! I've been scribbling away in my sketch book with ideas for Easter cards, so watch this space!

Easter card scribblings!
I've also been working on another couple of paper clay ideas.

Paper clay objects....big and small!
And I bought this lovely paper, all fresh, clean, spring colours!

And, as it's Sunday we have an Etsy treasury!  This weeks was inspired by the spring stirrings of all the birdies, beasties, animals.................and maybe even faries!!  I give you Spring Fairytales.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Treasury Sunday

I try my best ( I really do!) to make an Etsy treasury every Sunday.  It's the kind of day that lends itself to a bit of quiet browsing on a theme.  This week I was all set to go with either Peach Melba or Pink and Turquoise as my theme and was the most glorious, sunny, warm day of the year! 

We spent the afternoon in the garden, tidying up, digging, chasing the chickens and ducks...(you know.....the usual!) and I noticed the first hints of cherry blossom starting to open on the tree in the garden and my honey bees, for the first time this year, were as busy as....well, bees! So when I sat down to make the treasury Cherry blossom and honey popped into my head and voila.....I give you this Sundays treasury!

Bumblebee photograph by sixthandmain on Etsy

Friday, 9 March 2012

Happy Friday...crack me!

Just a quickie tonight as I'm off to bed, busy day tomorrow!

But I thought I'd show you these egg-strardinary (gettit!) items that I've made recently......just a wee bit different!

"Wow," I hear you all cry "it's an egg in a beautiful box" Why, yes it is....but now here's the really clever bit, *whisper* the egg's empty, I've blown all the content out through a teeny tiny hole, but shhh , don't tell anyone, it'll spoil the surprise!

Write your message on the slip of paper......
roll it up as tightly as you can.......

put it inside the egg, then put the egg back inside the stunningly beautiful box!
Now.....hand it over to the luck recipient for them to crack the egg open and
reveal your message!

Available here and here in two slightly different guises!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Je T'Aime

I seem to have a bit of a heart theme running through my work at the's not been intentional.  Maybe it's the old saying "In Spring the crafters thoughts turn to love!"......hmm maye not, but they've popped up here,

Pink heart keyring, hand knitted and felted.

And here,

Heartfelt message in a bottle
And here,
Heart strings bunting
And finally here.
Vertical hanging hearts decoration

Tuesday, 6 March 2012


Yes, it's me, I'm back!

I haven't blogged for over a month, somehow it doesn't feel like that long. 

I have not been idle though! You will have noticed a Facebook page has appeared, and a Folksy shop, and an Etsy shop.  They even have items for sale in them.................and I have had sales!

What a thrill when a wee email pops onto my screen saying "order confirmation"......ohh, someone likes my stuff enough to spend their hardearned cash on it; to give to someone they love; to show them they care.  It makes my heart leap and sing! 

Anyway I'm off to make a couple of cards, for me to give to people I love, to show them that I care!

Friday, 13 January 2012

Roaming in the gloaming

It's been a fabulous week weather wise......well when I say that I mean it's been dry! What a dreadful summer, autumn and winter we've had.  It's been ridiculously wet, raining practically every day. 

This evenings sunset was a cracker though, beautiful reds, pinks and oranges!  It brought to mind the old Scots word for sunset.....gloaming, as in roaming in the gloaming!

Now I'm done being stereotypically British and talking about the weather!

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Singer love!

My Christmas present from JH arrived, belatedly, on Friday.  I had asked for a sewing machine and said I would prefer an old one, so the word was spread through our village charity shop and a 1950's Singer 201K has now arrived! I do love it! I've only managed to have a wee shot to test it out, incase it wasn't to my if! Here she is in all her glory, I will have to give her an appropriate title, what do you think?

It's got the original manual and with it's help I've figured out what all the feet do!  It ony does straight stiches, forwards and back, anything else requires a foot! 

Some look very complicated.......

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Happy new year and lang may yer lum reek!

I hope you all had a fabulous New Year or Hogmanay as we call it round these parts! We're lucky here in Comrie to have the flambeaux take place, I wish I had some photos to post but alas I'm not normally to capable of focusing a camera come midnight!  There are some brilliant photos here on Flickr to give you the idea!  The flambeaux torches are lit at midnight and are carried to the North, South, East and West of the village, proceeded by the pipe band and followed by a fancy dress parade, it's quite a spectacle. 

It makes for a fantastic atmosphere as there is a great turnout of villagers and visitors.  It's a good way of welcoming in the New Year with your friends and neighbours without the stress of going to a New Years Eve party which are always an anti climax.  The return of the flambeaux to the square is the signal for everyone to depart and do a bit of first footing.  I think our record was getting back to the house at 5am, not nowadays with two little people in tow..but give it 3 or 4 years!!

I forgot to take photos of most of the presents I made but here is my favourite one!  This sketch book was supposed to be a Christmas present for my friend Anna who was in need of a bit of creative inspiration for the New Year...but in the rush of Christmas it didn't get finished.  It's now winging its way to her as a New Year present, complete with some inspiring quotations and images I know she loves!

I traced to word inspiration on to cream cotton and then embroidered french knots in three shades of turquoise around the outside of the word.  The french knots are raised off the material, giving it a lovely 3D touchy-feely vibe. 

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