Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Busy, biz, biz!

I've had a busy few weeks with a very, very full order book, which is fantastic; but as Open Studios looms closer I've decided that I'm going to close my order book at the end of July until the begining of September.  This should give me time to complete all my orders, sort out my studio and concentrate on cutting some new designs. 
........Sorting out my studio is shorthand for remove everything, give it a long overdue paint and organise it!
........Studio is shorthand for the room where I take up one corner and the rest contains a piano, various chairs, toys and other detritus!

Here's a photie of my wee corner......eeerrrr nice and tidy!

Here's a sneeky peek of a paper cut inspired by a quote from Christopher Columbus, this is the initial drawing of the design.  The next stage in the process is to have a trial cut out to see how it all works and tweek the design a bit if necessary!

Monday, 9 July 2012

To bee or not to bee!

If you're a likerer of my Facebook page you'll know about the saga of my bees swarming! Well there was a not soo happy outcome for the old queen and her devoted entourage....involving a hoover! Unfortunately I just couldn't get the queen out of the coomb space in our attic and soo after 4 days, numerous attempt at removing them, countless stings and sweary words, I had resort to the hoover and get them out.  I feel really awful about it; they all toil away selflessly producing honey.....most of which I steal from them and I repay them by splatting them in the hoover!  So I now have any extra hive which is empty!  I may get some more bees from a friend of mine so fingercrossed for a slightly happier outcome!

You'll notice, as if my magic, a gallery tab has appeared at the top of the page! It takes you to my Flickr page where I keep photies of ALL my paper cuts, I've got a whole set of Happily Ever After cuts! I've really enjoyed looking at them as a set and seeing all their differences!

In between mass murdering bees, doing the run of the mill housewifey things and a huge number (well...sort of!) of Happily Ever After cuts, I've been working on some sketches for a series of paper cuts for Perthshire Open Studios.  Photos will follow......maybe!

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