Thursday, 21 March 2013

I've discovered Anthropologie, watch out bank balance!!

I had a very rare trip to Edinburgh (by myself!) a few weeks ago to submit a papercut for the Visual Arts Scotland Annual Exhibition.  My papercut didn't get accepted BUT I did manage to visit Anthropologie's Edinburgh store which more than made up for the disappointment.

I was in heaven.

I could have spent hours wandering round and looking at all the beautiful items for sale, thankfully (for the staff) I only had an hour before I had to get the train again.  I bought a  lovely dark blue top with a lovely balloon print, a fantastic yellow kitchen timer and some lovely initialled chrome pegs for the boys room.  A vain attempt on my part to make picking up clothes more attractive!

So imagine my delight when I saw that Anthropologie were running a promotion to win £500 of vouchers and all I had to do was select an outfit that I'd love to wear on a trip to Thailand, from their March catalogue, easy peasy.  Cue much drooling and lusting over items from the catalogue.  It took my ages to narrow my choice down from just about everything in the catalogue!

So here you have my submission.......

Ribbon striped sun hat

Split curve shades
Ursa beaded clutch

Colour strike scarf

Pattern gather shell

Pattern Collage Crops
 If you've not already had a look at the website you'll find it here, just make sure you're not supposed to be doing anything important for the next hour, enjoy!


Sunday, 3 March 2013

Red Nose Day

A HUGE, MASSIVE thank you SO much to everyone who made a donation to Red Nose Day in exchange for one of my special edition Grow Old screen prints.  Together we managed to raise £195!! I've been blown away by every ones generosity and I only have one lonely print left!

I've been promising to have a giveaway for about six months but have never got round to it, completely rubbish I know! So.....since Red Nose Day is still a whole 11 days away (it takes place on Friday, 15th March) I thought that a raffle in aid of Red Nose Day with this beautiful papercut as the prize would be MUCH better! Hang it on your wall and enjoy it forever whilst getting a warm, fuzzy glow from knowing that your hard earned pennies are making a REAL difference to someones life.

All Will Be Well, a fantastic uplifting sentiment to remember when it seems as if the whole world is on your case.  The words are surrounded by delicate, lacy leaves, birdies, hearts and stars in a lovely deep green with a hint of teal.

To buy a ticket, hop over to my giving page and leave a donation, there is NO minimum ticket price, just give whatever you can. 

I would love to get as many people as possible involved in raising money, so this is how YOU can help!  If you're on Facebook and share my status about the raffle I'll give you a bonus ticket (just let me know you've shared by leaving a comment as FB doesn't ALWAYS tell me!) Same goes to Twitter, just retweet any tweets about the raffle and I'll give you a bonus ticket.  Again let me know that you've done it, just in case!

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